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Qlik solutions are an exceptionally friendly work environment in which business users often don’t need any formal training at all. However, companies working with Qlik can gain additional advantage by learning to develop on their own Qlik applications and customize them according to evolving business needs. For such customers we have prepared a broad offer of trainings – both for new clients who want to start designing their own Qlik applications, and for advanced designers who want to gain deeper know-how.


Designing visualizations



This training encompasses the basis of the Qlik Sense / QlikView environment needed to start building your own analytical applications. Practical demos and exercises introduce the learner to the rules of designing the Qlik visual layer, including best practices. In the course you will see all objects available in Qlik (charts, graphs, tables) and will learn how to use them in practice. A special emphasis is put on charts – their proper usage and match with a given analysis scope. Also, the course covers the functionality and objects of the What-if analyses as well as the built-in tool for flexible creation of static reports.

The course is based on a sample business scenario whose requirements are pursued in exercises. The result is a fully functional sales application.

Designing the data model



The course encompasses introduction to the process of building and developing the Qlik application, starting from the source data, throughout the process of building an integral data model. During practical exercises the participants will learn – while importing data from various sources (databases, calculation spreadsheets, XML, CSV) – how to operate the data and how to solve typical problems within the data structures and types. The course also shows several scenarios of protecting data from an unauthorized access and limiting data access for end users.

This training is based on a sample business scenario whose requirements are pursued in exercises. The result is a fully operational data model built with deployment of best practices and efficiency issues.

Administration of Qlik Server / Qlik Publisher



This course introduces the learner to the advanced architecture of the Qlik server environment, starting from various installation types, through a broad scope of configuration, to defining and managing the Qlik application publishing and reports. The participants can see all components and functionality of the Qlik server and test them on their own in practice. The course also covers issues of security, efficiency, stability, scalability and good practices of the Qlik configuration. Having completed the training the learner is fully equipped with skills enabling self-management of a big Qlik installation.