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Data Modeling for Qlik Sense

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"Data Modeling for Qlik Sense"

is a training that will teach you how to create a consistent data model in Qlik Sense by loading and transforming data from multiple sources. The technical course covers topics related to: data connections, cleanup and transformation of source data, troubleshooting data models, optimizing performance, using Qlik Data Files (QVD) and developing applications on the Qlik Sense server.

NOTE: The scope of this training overlaps significantly with the QlikView Developer training. If you have already attended the "QlikView Developer" training, you do not need to take this training.

What will you learn in the training?

Using the data load editor and data manager

Creating data connections using the DataMarket (optional)

Troubleshooting the data structure and script errors

Transforming data to improve the performance

Synthetic keys and circular references

Adding dimensions and measures to the main library

Scope of training

Basic concepts of data modeling

Data connections

Script structure

Loading and data transformations

Data troubleshooting

Generating data with a script

Data load debugging

Script and data model issues

Advanced calculations

On-demand application generation (ODAG) and direct data access

Performance Tips

Working with the server