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Deploy and Administer Qlik Sense

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Deploy and Administer Qlik Sense

is a technical training, which provide the information, tools, techniques and skills necessary to prepare, configure, launch and maintain the Qlik Sense Enterprise platform.
You will take advantage of Qlik Sense's corporate environment to deliver: production, audio, data security and analytics.

What will you learn in the training?

Managing user licenses

Managing applications, extensions, objects, streams and tasks

Knowledge of Qlik Sense Enterprise security principles

System security management

Data security with "Section Access"

Configuration of the virtual proxies

Data connection management

Knowledge of different load balancing methods

Managing of the multiple schedules

Familiarity with the single sign-on concept

Monitoring and troubleshooting common server issues

Scope of training

Understanding the requirements for the deployment plan

Deployment of single and multi-node configurations

Installing Qlik Sense Enterprise

Familiarity with the Qlik Server Management Console (QMC)

User management

Knowledge of the Qlik Sense licensing model