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Qlik Sense for QlikView Developers

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Qlik Sense for QlikView Developers

is designed to complement the Qlik Sense competencies for those familiar with QlikView. This technical course covers the basics of designing and developing Qlik Sense apps, including data modeling and visualization, and gives you a complete overview of features unique to Qlik Sense.

What will you learn in the training?

Understanding the architecture and components of Qlik Sense

Analyzing the data using smart search

Follow Qlik Sense best practices

Designing and building Qlik Sense apps

Creating a data model in Qlik Sense

Using the visual data profiling to create data bindings

Manipulating the data with the Data Manager

Adding the data from external sources

Using the data load editor

Creation and maintenance of the data connections

Publishing and securing the apps using section access

Creating Qlik Sense visualizations

Scope of training

Smart search

Qlik Sense data model

Visual data profiling

Data Manager

Data load editor

App sharing and the next steps

Publishing and securing the apps

Cration & Maintenance