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QlikView Developer

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QlikView Developer

is dedicated to people who build applications in QlikView and would like to improve their skills in this area. The three-day course consists of a series of lectures and hands-on exercises focused on developing QlikView applications. During the training, among the others we cover topics related to: modeling with data, synthetic keys, using the script editor. The course concludes with an exercise that tests your ability to build QlikView applications using specific KPIs.

What will you learn in the training?

Creating a data model in QlikView

Building an application in QlikView

Solving the data structure problems

Using the Debugger

Defining the advanced uses of the script editor

Using transformation functions in the scripts

What the synthetic keys are

Scope of training

Implementation and development of the QlikView application

Connecting, selecting and loading data

Loading data directly from the database

Synthetic Keys

Basic Data Models and Table Viewer

Adding text data

Basic data transformation

Generating data in a QlikView script


Advanced sheet object calculations

Mapping tables

Security mechanisms in the QlikView application