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AdminToolbox Alerts

Active notifications based on Qlik Sense data

Streamline decision-making and trigger immediate action when it matters the most in the business moment. Achieve more out of your existing Qlik Sense apps

Product description

AdminToolbox Alerts

Despite the best analytical tools, organizations often experience common pitfalls of passive BI, focusing too much on historical data and on what already happened. Transformational business outcome may be achieved by alerting systems compelling the action when it matters the most in the business moment. Key metrics, deadlines at risk or data consistency can be monitored automatically around the clock, and the right people are notified to take action just in time.

Notification can be subscribed to by individual users or entire groups. AdminToolbox also allows you to fine tune and configure the appearance of the message, how often it is delivered and when the recipient does not want to be disturbed.

AdminToolbox Alerts are easy to deploy providing robust capabilities for both simple and complex alert conditions based on single or multiple Qlik Sense applications.

Key benefits

Advantages of AdminToolbox Alerts

Harness the power of Qlik Sense

AdminToolbox Alerts let you fully utilize existing apps and computing power of Qlik Sense. You can use the same expressions, master items, dimensions and fields.

Combine data from different applications

The built-in expression engine gives you all that you need to create both, simple and most complex conditions or to enrich messages with meaningful data. You can freely combine data from different applications. AdminToolbox doesn’t force you to build dedicated applications just for alerts.

Simple or complex? You decide.

You can easily edit the content of the notification messages, embed data, calculations or links to the application. The more comprehensive information you send the easier for a user to take the right action. Choose a built-in template or define your own message format.

Fine-tuned delivery

Once defined, an alert can be subscribed to by individual users or entire groups. The recipient can also be established by expression, based on context data. 

Notification delivery can be fine-tuned by specifying the time to check the condition, the maximum frequency of repeated messages, and the time when the user doesn’t want to be disturbed.

Who can benefit?

Any organization using Qlik Sense client-managed.

Usage scenarios:

  • Continuous and automatic monitoring of adverse events, such as data inconsistencies, exceeding SLA times, transactions below acceptable margins, etc;
  • To offload analysts and business users by periodic analysis automation;
  • Detection of anomalies, trend changes, frauds;
  • Reminders of upcoming deadlines, events, tasks, etc;
  • Monitoring of process flow or operation status change, etc;
  • Early reporting of progress and any threat to the plan;

Related functionalities

The AdminToolbox suite consists of two major modules: Security and Alerts. Security module simplifies and facilitates management of Security Rules and Qlik Sense access licenses. Read more about AdminToolbox Security at https://businessintelligence.pl/en/admintoolbox-security/


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