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Advanced Scripting QlikView, Qlik Sense

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Advanced Scripting QlikView, Qlik Sense

is an advanced training for both QlikView and Qlik Sense developers. The list of possible topics is long, so we will adapt the topics of the training to your needs and on this basis a detailed training agenda will be created. The most frequently discussed topics are: ways to implement a data model containing multiple fact tables (Link Table vs Concatenate), advanced Set Analysis and Alternate States, incremental data loading mechanisms, performance and optimization, multi-layer data feed architecture, advanced functions: Aggr(), Pick(), Class(), accumulative data counting in the script, good design practices in the areas of ​​scripting and visualization.

What will you learn in the training?

Solving of the classic data modeling problems (e.g. multiple fact tables, data historicization, incremental data loading)

Usage of the advanced functions in the calculation of measures

Optimizing applications that process particularly large data volumes

Scope of training

Basic skills in building QlikView/Qlik Sense applications (data modeling and visualization).