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AdminToolbox Security

The visual tool for Qlik Sense administrators

Easily manage access rights, delegate control to power users, configure access to data in applications and more.

Visualize, simplify, facilitate


AdminToolbox is like an automatic gearbox for managing access to resources and data in Qlik Sense. By visualizing and simplifying the Security Rules configuration, managing it is as simple as clicking a checkbox.

You can easily grant access to entire streams, individual sheets, and even data ranges in your applications.

Coding manually tex-based rules in the Qlik Sense administration console can be left to the experts. Ease of use allows you to delegate management of the indicated resources to selected users, even if they do not have any knowledge and training in the administration of Qlik Sense Management Console (QMC).

Key benefits

Why do you need AdminToolbox?

Access management in Qlik Sense

Security Rules typically tend to become complex and hard to read and interpret. Over time, even a small change of authorization may turn into a time-consuming task. AdminToolbox eliminates it. Administrators can see at the glance, who has access to what resources. Changing permissions is done with one click, without the need to code text-based rules and understanding their interconnections in the Qlik Sense Management Console.
Managing access to resources in Qlik Sense with AdminToolbox (23 sec.)
Self-service administration (33 sec.)

Self-service administration for business users

Self-service for business users increases BI efficiency and reduces the workload on administrators. It allows users without any knowledge of the Qlik Sense Management Console (QMC) to independently perform the most desired actions, such as: granting permissions, reloading applications or assigning other users to groups. All this, only to the extent specified by the administrator.

Managing data access inside applications (Section Access Qlik Sense)

AdminToolbox provides the same easy and transparent way to manage access to data inside the Qlik Sense applications, i.e. within the Section Access feature. As new data becomes available in the applications, value lists used to data access control are automatically synchronized with the AdminToolbox. Thanks to this functionality, there is no need to manually maintain Excel files as data access configuration sources.
Data access control within the application (31 sec.)

Who can benefit?

Any business using Qlik Sense that:

  • experiences difficulties or limitations in managing Qlik Sense using QMC (Qlik Sense Management Console)
  • needs to set in order and simplify the configuration of security rules
  • wants to implement self-service administration for key business users
  • wants to centralize rights management both at the resource level (e.g. streams, applications, etc.) and at the data level (Section Access) in one place.

Use cases

Scenarios in which AdminToolbox will be useful:
  • The number and complexity of security rules in QMC (Qlik Sense Management Console) cause the increase administration workload and reduce the possible benefit of Qlik Sense usage;
  • There is a need for precise rights management at the most detailed level (application sheets or stories);
  • Managers want to independently control access to selected applications for members of their team (e.g. sales manager and salespeople);
  • The need to reload the selected application on demand (eg. the Finance Director during the Month End Close procedure periodically refreshes the P&L application);
  • An application “owner” who is unfamiliar with QMC wants to have full control of the application – both with regard to the data contained in it and the entire object;
  • Many other scenarios based on:
  • Qlik rights management,
  • Qlik access control,
  • Qlik security,
  • Qlik administration,
  • Share Qlik applications.

AdminToolbox major features

  • Granting permissions via a checkbox, comments on permissions, time-activated/deactivated permissions,
  • The “Power User” functionality to handle various self-service scenarios. Administrators can precisely define the scope of control delegated to the delegate, including the selection of users, resources and groups, and the type of permissions that are allowed to be granted.
  • Copy security configuration between users and resources.
  • Various mechanisms for grouping users and resources – groups, custom fields, roles, Active Directory groups, single selection fields, etc.
  • Visualization of indirect permissions, i.e. those that result from belonging to a group.
  • The fields used for Section Access can be automatically synchronized with the data from Qlik Sense application.
  • Safe Mode in which any new or modified permissions are initially inactive. A special view allows you to review the changes made in this mode and then activate or erase them.
  • Detailed log of all operations performed in AdminToolbox.


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