More freedom for your comapny

Treasury Intelligence Solutions

Treasury Intelligence Solutions GmbH offers you TIS, the leading cloud platform for managing payment transactions between companies, IT and the banks – in a global, standardised and automated way. The handling of payments and accumulated cash no longer requires multiple tools. Now, you can gain control with just a single SaaS (Software as a Service) platform.
The TIS platform provides you with the basis for transparent, simplified control of your liquidity in real time, with maximum security in relation to governance, legal and auditing requirements.
TIS creates freedom for your company – freedom for better and faster decisions, freedom as a result of improved security, and freedom for proactive management and control.


  • Leading cloud platform for standardised, automated and global payment transactions between companies, IT departments and banks
  • Replacing resource-intensive and erratic manual processes
  • Transparent, simplified control of liquidity in real time
  • Maximum security in relation to governance, auditing and compliance requirements, together with SAP and ISO certifications
  • Proven cost savings from 0.2 to 1 million euros per annum


  • FREEDOM FOR PROACTIVE MANAGEMENT: TIS automatically provides you with reliable real-time information. As a result, your company has the solid foundation necessary to proactively manage its liquidity and cash flow.
    FOR EXAMPLE: If a bank runs into difficulties, the CFO or the Treasury Division within your organisation has the power to immediately block all payments. If you had to rely on a number of different e-banking tools, this would be an extremely complicated situation – especially if a variety of ERP systems are also in place.
  • FREEDOM THROUGH COST SAVINGS: With this automated and standardised cloud solution for payments and bank account statements processes, your company will have fewer tied-up resources. IT operations and manual processing will also be drastically reduced, which means costs will be both cut as well as kept low in the long run. Your savings can then range from 0.2 to 1 million euros per year. These benefits are possible because TIS offers the complete management of the communication channels to the banks and of the processes involved in handling different payment formats. TIS also manages the complete ERP integration.
  • FREEDOM THROUGH IMPROVED SECURITY: Firstly, TIS provides you with the security you need to meet auditing and compliance requirements. This is thanks to automated and standardised processes as well as full transparency over signatory powers and approval limits, all in a multi-bank environment. Secondly, TIS has ISO 27001 and SAP certifications, indicating it meets the highest security standards. TIS is also checked, monitored and audited on an ongoing basis. Thirdly, access to corporate payment transactions can be controlled with just one security token for each company officer with signatory rights, optionally using Single Sign-On.