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Qlik Sense Elective Topics: Qlik Geo Analytics

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Qlik Sense Elective Topics: Qlik Geo Analytics

for advanced research to business analysts and Qlik developers. Thanks to it, you will learn to extend your analytical applications with advanced maps. You will also learn about the possibilities of the generator, e.g. checking of the commuting times or perform geolocation.

Qlik GeoAnalytics offers completely new possibilities for data analysis.

What will you learn in the training?

Configuration of the tool

Connecting to geodata

Solving the most common geodata issues

Configuration of the multiple map layers

Performing the geospatial operations based on the Qlik GeoAnalytics engine

Scope of training

Introduction to Qlik GeoAnalytics

Creation of the map layers

Input processing

Data troubleshooting

Advanced layer settings