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Create Visualizations with Qlik Sense

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„Create Visualizations with Qlik Sense”

is a scenario-based training, consisting of a theoretical part - a lecture and practical exercises. During the course, you will gain the basic knowledge necessary to independently build visualizations and draw conclusions. During the two-day classes, you will learn the principles of designing beautiful, effective visualizations with Qlik Sense and presenting them in the form of a narrative.
In addition, you will learn different types of visualizations and learn how to choose them freely for specific data, as well as questions you are looking for answers to.

What will you learn in the training?

Performing advanced analysis in Qlik Sense

Identifying data types and understand how they are interpreted in visualizations

Designing and creating visualizations focused on how users work

The concept of data visualization and implementing them in Qlik Sense

The practices of designing visuals in Qlik Sense

Presenting insights through Qlik Sense stories

How the responsiveness of Qlik Sense allows you to create projects for different devices

Sharing the cloud apps with other users

Scope of training

First steps with Qlik Sense

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Improving your apps

Sharing insights

Application sharing and further steps in this regard