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Dynamic growth of the digital economy causes new challenges in the area of digital identity. A growing number of internet accounts and increasing requirements for password complexity cause that customers use the same and the simplest passwords for multiple services. At the same time rapidly growing the number of internet attacks and scams digital identity. In effect of this it generates huge losses – both for users and for businesses.

PHONEID not only meets the highest level of trust in digital identity (EU Directive eIDAS), but is also simple and convenient to use, which is extremely important for the end user. Unlike other solutions PHONEID can be implemented on mass market with minimal investment, since it is available for any, even the simplest cellular phone, without the data plan. At the same time, PHONEID is compatible with all latest technologies like NFC, QR code or biometry. Phoneid is not only an optimal solution for user’s identity verification, but also for user identification what is completely new on the market. A huge advantage of this solution is also possible to provide a one uniform method of authentication across all channels of contact with customers: website, mobile app, call center and also physical points of contact.