Seeing is Believing

Pilot projects

We realize that it’s difficult to embrace all capabilities and advantages of the Qlik platform. Luckily, you don’t have to take our word for it.

Seeing Is Believing” (SiB) is a concept of very short pilot projects in which you can test not only the BI tools but also your implementation partner – their product expertise, communication skills and knowledge of your business. What is important, you don’t have to purchase licenses to find out if Qlik technology and the implementation partner expertise guarantee that your BI business objectives are met.

The SiB project is an excellent way of choosing the best BI solution without risk.

SiB in details

SiB is a three-day project which results in a fully operational analytical QlikView or Qlik Sense application designed according to your requirements and processing your (mostly real) data.

This prototype system already meets a great deal of your demands within a given business area such as, for example, sales analysis or controlling. Our customers often consider the SiB result as the first phase of a more comprehensive BI project.

The SiB formula is based on full openness and transparency of actions. You or your employees can take part in the project (usually carried out at your premise), learning and watching the way of designing the application. You can test the end result on your own, assess the difficulty of each phase, as well as check the level of adjusting the ready application to your needs and preferences of the key business recipients.


When the design phase is finished, a ready application can be used for 14 days in any license configuration. This allows you to verify usefulness of various license types, collect your peers’ opinions and experience the breaking features of Qlik – its unique efficiency, flexibility, simplicity, smaller hardware requirements and no restrictions of dimensions.

We are convinced that SiB is an excellent concept proving that Qlik is exactly what the BI tools are supposed to be. Hence your decision on investing in BI can be made in a professional way and in a comfortable and secure atmosphere.

How to prepare for SiB?

Even short and simple projects like SiB give better results if are well planned. However we don’t encourage you to spend weeks writing detailed technical specifications. What’s important in preparing for SiB is a good concept of the main project theme/subject and the choice of people engaged in the project. The remaining prep elements belong to us.

  • If you have some information needs that are not catered – it is a good theme for SiB.
  • Don’t try to map within SiB reports that already exist in your organization – you will lose an opportunity to see first advantages already at the stage of the BI platform choice.
  • Determine which data you will need to access and the systems they come from.
  • Engage “business” persons and the solution recipients.
  • Don’t put the SiB project to the end of the list of other projects such as, for example, data warehouse or change of the finance system – it may appear that the Qlik platform will integrate the data without the warehouse or will help you solve the data quality problem in a quicker and more effective way.