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QlikView is a modern full-scale analytical solution that uses an ultra-speed associative in-memory database and full power of multi-processor 64-bites hardware configurations. QlikView is an acknowledged leader in the new generation of BI tools, with over 40% of shares in the Data Discovery market.

QlikView capabilities

In-memory technology

is nowadays, according to Gartner Group, one of the most efficient analytical tools in the market. Possibility to process large data sets (billions of records) and a very short response time (fractions of seconds or just seconds) is what makes this technology outstanding.

No limits of dimensions and measurements

The internal model of QlikView data does not require creating rigid hierarchical structures. It provides options of defining many measurements and dimensions (counted in hundreds), and doesn’t decrease the system efficiency.

Data integration without the warehouse

QlikView is very good at integrating data from various sources (databases, Excel sheets, API, etc.), very often without the need of building dedicated warehouses.

Access to details

QlikView most often works with very detailed data, giving the designers and users freedom of choosing the level of analyses – from a general KPI analysis to single transactions.

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