A revolutionary self-service data visualization
and discovery application designed for individuals and group collaboration

Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is based on the QIX Associative Data Indexing engine – the second generation of the proven patented Qlik technology that allows you to explore connections between data from multiple sources. Such connections would remain hidden in the hierarchical or based on a query approach. Qlik Sense delivers in a shorter time the view of the situation during intuitive exploration, supports intelligent search and assures precise visualizations. It broadens your knowledge thanks to the data storytelling and mobility and also guarantees precise and reliable possibilities of managing your company on a high level. Thanks to Qlik Sense anyone can be a business analyst. Self-service discovery of the app assures a new level of effectiveness and flexibility, giving companies better information and enabling them to operate and react faster.

Create personalized, interactive data visualizations, reports and dashboards. Drag-and-drop makes integrating data from multiple sources easy. Use this free Windows® application to discover more insights in your data in just five minutes.


Main features

Drag-and-drop visualizations

Intelligent visualizations, together with the patented Qlik engine, reveal all connections between data, discovering information that would remain hidden in the traditional, hierarchical, and based on a query approach.

Access to analyses – anytime, anywhere

Switch seamlessly between a desktop, tablet or smartphone and Qlik Sense will automatically scale to a given device. Wherever you work, Qlik Sense will help you react in real time and will keep analyzing smooth.

Smart Search

You don’t know where to start searching? No problem. Just type in the phrase so that Smart Search could lead you step by step and discover connections between data.

Multiple data sources in one app

Qlik Sense connects data from multiple sources, also data coming in real time, in order to provide a more comprehensive view with no loss of efficiency.


The storytelling function allows users to share analyses and conclusions and, thus, enables them to work more efficiently.


Each user can create data visualizations, dashboards and reports. The IT department can be sure that the data used come from trusted and secure sources.

Finding balance between business needs and IT needs has always been a challenge

Qlik Sense is a data visualization app designed especially for both departments: business users can explore the flexible and agile solution and the IT dept can run ongoing centralized control in accordance with the law and regulatory acts.

Users are able to explore data and answer questions in real time, without waiting for the IT department to create or upgrade their visualization app. At the same time the data is secure, consistent and trusted – and Qlik Sense actually means it all, providing reliable data control.

Quick and best-in-class application development

Qlik Sense brings results quicker by showing the developers a better path which gives users access to data visualization and exploration.

  • Dynamic development environment: friendly interface enables the developers to create apps for data visualization thanks to the drag-and-drop technique and collaboration possibilities.
  • Open and standard API: enables embedding Qlik Sense to internet sites and to other applications. This extends standard possibilities, allowing to handle out-of-the box challenges.
  • Integration of data coming from multiple sources, including Big Data: Qlik Sense connects data from various systems – including the Big Data sources in the whole organization and, at the same time, ensures comprehensive insight and leads to drawing thorough conclusions.

The Enterprise class technology

Qlik Sense is designed especially for enterprises that require centralized control and scalability.

  • Easy to use: flexible license assignment, monitoring of time used and friendly interface that saves time and helps solve problems.
  • Security: complying with security rules in a given company is possible thanks to a flexible security mechanism, precise control, audits and the activity log.
  • Scalability: support for data virtualization, flexible scaling and clusters scattered geographically enable global implementations.

See how Qlik Sense can help you see the whole story that lives within your data and empower your business. Ask for pilot project.