Easy access to ready to use
data from external sources

Qlik DataMarket

Qlik DataMarket is a Data as a Service (DaaS) solution available in the cloud. It will give you easy access to ready to use data from external sources and will help you make better decisions for your company.

Qlik DataMarket brings the following benefits

  • Enriched context. Augmenting and cross-referencing internal data with external sources to add greater context. In this way you can look at your data from a variety of sources to get the full picture of your business.
  • Connecting multiple sets in one piece. Internal data can provide you a lot of information, however it won’t be the full view. Be open to the benefits of cross-referencing your own data with external sources. It will provide you the full picture and help make decisions as well as influence them.
  • Getting a new perspective. The world keeps changing faster and faster, and running a business requires cleverness and quick reaction to changes. When you look at your company and its environment from a different perspective, you will discover and understand market trends – and notice new opportunities and challenges.
  • Packages adjusted to your needs. Qlik DataMarket gives access to multiple data. We offer a variety of data packages, ranging from free, through basic, to specialty packages, as well as packages from other vendors. Additionally, you have access to the library full of public data provided by various data providers. This all means you can possibly get the best insight into the data environment connected with your company.
  • Access any time and in any place. Qlik DataMarket offers access to the full data set in any moment. Ready to use data sources are connected with a reliable service of data handling in the cloud. You can have access to updated data from any place.
  • Data you can trust. It is important to note that you can stay calm because you rely on trusted sources and secure data. We guarantee that all your data is safe in each stage – from the moment it is acquired from its source until the moment it gets to you.
  • Fully integrated acquisition. Obtaining data from external sources shouldn’t be more difficult than loading it from internal sources. Qlik DataMarket is fully integrated with Qlik Sense and QlikView tools; thanks to this the process of data capture runs smoothly and in a well-known way, regardless whether the data comes from external or internal sources.
  • Intelligent data merge. You need to merge data? No problem. An easy to operate interface will guide you through each phase of the process. You can merge in an easy way many data sets with data that you already have, which means you will save time you would spend otherwise on trying to connect information and understanding it.
  • One place, one format. Qlik DataMarket is a data vault in which you can quickly search or download normalized data from multiple external sources. It makes sure the data has a coherent format and makes you feel confident about your own analyses.