Build, embed, and integrate engaging and beautiful visual
analytics on a single platform

Qlik Analytics Platform

We believe that access to data visualization needs to be available in any place where decisions are made. Qlik Analytics Platform (QAP) is an easy to operate tool which will help your company gain competitive advantage.

Good news for programmers

Regardless of whether you work with simple apps like mashups that contain few graphs or with more comprehensive and integrated IT solutions, our platform gives you these possibilities:


  • Placing data visualizations anywhere. Ongoing access to the platform from any device. You can also work with the standard environment of analytical reports to create and re-use the data models, safety settings and visualizations.
  • Access to the Qlik Associative Indexing Engine (QLX) mechanism. Thanks to the platform you will get access to the QIX engine. It will enable you to create own solutions on the basis of the Qlik products basic mechanism.
  • Using modern and open API. Our APIs are based on modern standards and are compatible with most of the newest IT and application technologies.


Platform for enterprises

  • Expand your control possibilities. We offer a centralized control format. Our approach contains many ways of analytics data application, and thanks to that you can expand the Qlik tool usage and apply all types of visualization in any application.
  • Get access to an interactive analysis from the level of applications used in your workflow. Programmers can get access to the QIX engine and the visualization library in order to create data visualizations in applications that are used in everyday work.
  • Engage your customer and partners communities. Thanks to the standard and modern API network you can place your visualizations and data in any application or portal.

OEM platform

  • Create enticing data visualization. Use our library of modern visualizations to create very exciting applications and manager dashboards.
  • Give your customers what they value most. Gain competitive advantage by offering our customers what they value most: possibility to visualize analytics data in an interactive way.
  • Use the licence type adjusted to your needs. We know that each customer has different needs for license sharing. That is why our offer contains many models of flexible licensing.