Over 300 satisfied clients can’t be wrong

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Over 300 satisfied clients can’t be wrong


security industry

QlikView constitutes a strategic element of our management information system. It supports both the managerial staff and the Board in making strategic and operational decisions. It distinguishes itself by a user-friendly interface, intuitive operation, and low TCO.

Robert Głuszak
CFO and Board Member


paper industry

Although the implementation of traditional OLAP solutions takes at least six months, the implementation of QlikView took us eight weeks.

Jarosław Faltynowski
MIS Director

ITAKA Travel Office

tourism industry

The selection of QlikView was determined, among others, by its enormous computing power, flexibility, low equipment requirements, and its exceptional intuitiveness.

Arkadiusz Olchawa
IT Director

mBank (d.BRE Bank)


The QlikView solution within seconds allows to compute even a billion records generated by the locating of hundreds of thousands of cost positions, enabling us to thoroughly analyse the process of cost distribution.

Michał Dąbrowski
Analyst, Controlling and Managerial Information Department

Casinos Poland


The speed of attaining results in QlikView is exceptional. After the creation of a data model, it takes longer to come up with and write up new analytical views than to realize them in QlikView.

Bernard Sławiński
IT Manager


clothing industry

We do not have to wait for our competition’s move in order to properly respond to the situation on the market. Within a day we can introduce modifications to the existing database or add new sources and use the updated information virtually immediately.

Robert Jagucki
IT Director

EGIS Poland

pharmaceutical industry

Had we chosen an alternative BI solution, our project would have probably taken months to complete and would have required much more expenditure.

Wojciech Siczek
Controlling Manager



Being able to process thousands of records in the operating memory within seconds was a gigantic technological leap for our employees.

Tomasz Kowalski
Main IT Specialist


air conditioning and refrigeration

QlikView is an impressive software, simple yet sophisticated. Joined with our basic system data, it operates remarkably fast, even on large databases, it saves time and facilitates inference.

Wojciech Pokwicki
IT Manager

Glassolutions Saint Gobain Polska

a glass factory

Had we chosen an alternative BI solution, our project would have probably taken months to complete and would have required much more expenditure.

Krzysztof Kosno
Finance Director&Treasurer


plastics industry

QlikView broke the barrier of data sourcing and effectively expedited the decision processes. As a result, analysing has become incredibly fast and multidimensional – today, I can see a lot more possibilities and solutions.

Krzysztof Dudziński
IT and Logistics Director



Owing to QlikView, our costs are constantly monitored, and any deviation instantly spotted. Knowing the answer, we are able to take quick and effective action.

Łukasz Soboń
Financial Director