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BI Hospitals to rozwiązanie przeznaczone dla każdego, kto odpowiedzialny jest za zarządzanie szpitalem i jego finansami. Jest to gotowy produkt, który nie wymaga zintegrowanych programów informatycznych, wystarczy podłączyć własne dane ze standardowych sprawozdań.


What is BI Hospitals

BI Hospitals is a unique solution that combines the efficient and intuitive Qlik analytics platform with the expertise in the healthcare industry. The solution is meant for people responsible for managing a hospital and its finances. It is a ready product that does not require integrated IT systems – just connect your data from standard reports, and you will see the whole history hidden in the hospital data as well as get structured insight into the operational and financial condition of the unit. BI Hospitals enables managers and hospital owners to debunk myths, talk about facts and make rational decisions based on data.

Hospital management at the highest level

BI Hospitals helps to diagnose real problems of hospitals and supports introduction of necessary changes. It also helps to find answers to key questions about the way the hospital works, such as:

What is the structure of the healthcare services complexity in comparison with the healthcare need maps?
What is the rate of hospitalizations in comparison with the country average and considering optimal hospitalization time?
How to cater for local society’s needs having limited resources?
Which healthcare services are in the majority and which should be analyzed? What is the unit’s specialization?
Do individual departments balance financially?
How effectively are surgery rooms used?
Do departments provide services in accordance with their purpose?
What are the costs of diagnostic tests and their dynamics?
What is the percentage of ER admissions in comparison with other hospitals in the region?
What is the hospital’s market share in comparison with other hospitals in the region?
What is the patient age structure in given groups of services in comparison with the region/country average?
Do patients migrate to the hospital from other regions?

Wyższe standardy

With BI Hospitals, it is possible to raise standards of provided services and to increase the hospital’s efficiency while lowering costs at the same time. Achieving these seemingly impossible goals is possible thanks to:

coordination of services and seamless flow of patients – it significantly shortens the hospitalization time, lowers diagnostic costs and limits the amount of health complications,
delivering data necessary to control financial and operational business of the hospital such as, among others: current exploitation of the national health fund (NFZ) contract, medical services provided and profitability of executed procedures.

Jako jedyne rozwiązanie dostępne na rynku, BI Hospitals pozwala na pełną analizę działalności medycznej szpitala i umożliwia analizę indywidualnych przypadków. Pokazuje jak najlepiej zoptymalizować koszty i strukturę organizacyjną szpitala, a nawet  przeprowadza symulacje koniecznych przychodów pozwalających na zbilansowanie finansów szpitala. Łączy dane pochodzące z wielu źródeł – dane szpitala, NFZ oraz dane statystyczne, i odkrywa całą historię w nich ukrytą.

Rozwiązanie dla samorządów

According to the national control chamber (NIK) report published in 2015, local authorities allocated over 177 million zloty for covering the negative financial result achieved by hospitals in 2014. Hospitals indebtedness results mostly from the fact that they don’t balance costs with revenues. Most hospitals lack reliable analyses of the (worse and worse) financial results causes as well as of the repair activities possibilities. Despite receiving support in a form of public funds, payables due or debt servicing costs have not been eliminated, and the process of achieving planned results has never been monitored closely. The NIK report underlines that the expertise of the management and of the control authorities is very important for the process of proper healthcare units management, including the restructuring process. Hospital managers should have the know-how of top experts within this subject.

Nowe możliwości

Changing the way the healthcare is financed is a huge challenge for those who create it, especially for local self-governments and medical schools that are responsible for buying out services provided over the NFZ limit. BI Hospitals enables local authorities to learn the hospital work organization and to control its finances, which leads to a significant reduction or elimination of the hospital debt as well as to achieving the balance without interfering the quality of services provided by the unit. The BI Hospitals solution debunks the myth about how the hospital functions and allows to talk sticking to facts.

Those who use the BI Hospitals solution will be able to:


identify the scope of services provided and the way of their realization,

understand the causes of a long waiting time for appointments at specialists,

learn the reasons of going over limits,

improve the financial condition of healthcare units by optimizing their costs and income,

create an optimal hospital structure for healthcare needs in a given region,

evaluate the unit with regard to healthcare need maps and assessment criteria of hospitals included in the hospital network,